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Beautiful’s Story – Unattended Birth After C-Section

It was Valentine’s Day. My husband, Clayton, and I arranged for my mom to watch our 22 month old son, Amory, that afternoon so we could go out to dinner one more time before the baby came. I was relaxing in the tub around 9:30am when strong contractions came out of nowhere. They were only 2 minutes apart from the start but I didn’t want to alarm anyone since I knew early labor could last a long time.

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An hour later they were growing stronger and closer. I rubbed my belly, telling baby that I would soon get to meet him or her. Between contractions I managed to make it to the bedroom where my husband and son were sleeping. I woke them up, telling them that the baby was coming now. My son was very concerned and wouldn’t leave my side as Clayton called my mom to come get him. After he left, Clayton filled the birth pool and helped me get into it. Contractions were intense. I had never gotten to experience labor before as my first was a failed induction turned c section so this was all new to me.

Clayton held my hands and told me how good I was doing and how strong I was. I roared through each contraction and was unable to sit still. He poured warm water down my back and massaged me with every painful wave. He then suggested I move around a little as I was uncomfortable. Around 2 pm, I felt my body pushing. It was so hard to relax but Clayton kept reminding me how strong I was and how amazing I was doing. I started to worry as my body continued to push but I couldn’t feel the baby’s head. I began to doubt myself, doubt our decision to have an unassisted home birth after cesarean (ubac).

unattended birth after c-section

Clayton stayed strong, he never questioned my ability or my strength. I had never loved him more than I did that day. He knew that I was built for this, that it was nature taking its course and to trust that nature. The contractions were less than a minute apart and I couldn’t help but squat during the forced pushing. An hour later, still no sign of baby and I was losing strength. I said I didn’t know if I could keep going, that it hurt so much. I told him I was scared. He held me close and helped me breathe through the contractions. I finally asked him to call an ambulance as I didn’t think I could do it. He reluctantly called as he knew I could do it but hated seeing me in such pain. As we waited for the ambulance, I moved to the floor where the baby started to emerge. Clayton held my hands and supported me as the baby pushed its way out in 2 contractions, just as paramedics arrived. A face emerged first, baby had turned posterior during labor.

As its body slid out, Clayton leapt over me to announce we had another boy, born at 3:33pm on Valentine’s Day. Paramedics then assisted as I had tore quite a bit, eager 9lb boy. Clayton handed my son to me as I looked at him and adored him. Blue eyes and red hair, just like his older brother. Atlas Ripley had arrived at 40 weeks and 4 days, completely unassisted, at home. It was the hardest thing I have ever done but the easiest decision I ever made. The amount of love and support I received from my husband that day can never be measured. He tells me all the time how amazed and impressed he is by me for what I accomplished that day. It was such an intimate experience being just him and I. We look forward to growing our family, surrounding their birth in our love one again.