Birth Stories- Nicole’s Story

baby born in car

Nicole’s Birth Story – Baby Born in Car

“I was 9 days overdue with some nagging back pain and my chiropractor adjusted me, saying I would go into labor within 24 hours. My back pain continued as I drove to my OB appointment and my midwife told me she thought I would be going in within the next few days. I had had several light contractions all day so I was hopeful!


I filled in my doula who gave me a call that kind of sent everything spinning into motion. She gave me a few exercises to try to relieve the back pain and get the baby in a better position for birth. She had a gut feeling that once baby was in good position I would have a very fast labor. This was at about 4:30 p.m. I did the exercises and my back pain was gone.
Contractions started getting a little more regular at this point. My son and husband were busy playing and being crazy boys. I was practicing the breathing that my doula had reminded me of from my hypnobirthing practice. The contractions were not regular but some were intense. By 7 p.m. I was really uncomfortable but I was in denial of my pain tolerance, as I had been all day. I was breathing through contractions and my husband seemed oblivious to my pain, so I told myself I was probably being a “big baby”.


My doula was staying in contact with me and trying to get me to make the call on if she should come to my house or wait. I didn’t want to jump the gun so I decided to take a shower to relax. Contractions were terrible while standing and a few times I had to drop to my hands and knees. My husband had been checking on me and asking what I needed but I really didn’t know, I was just working on breathing and deciding on if we should have Brandi Spray, my awesome on-top-of-it doula come to the house. He was just trying to make me comfortable with some massage but felt helpless.
I labored while my husband got things put away outside. At this point contractions started jumping all over the place. 15 minutes apart. 8. 10. 5. 10. I broke into a sweat from them and told my husband to text my doula to come. This was sometime after 8 p.m. By 8:30ish I said we had to leave and my husband called my mom to come sit with my sleeping son. My doula called, my husband had to answer the phone as I could no longer breathe well through the pain. Contractions were then anywhere from 4 to 2.5 min apart and I said we had to leave NOW.

birth story - giving birth in car
I could barely talk as I said I needed to lay in the back seat. We left the house around 9 with a half hour drive to Detroit Lakes. Contractions were one right after another and I took off my bottoms in the back seat, knowing things were happening too fast. As my husband was speeding down the highway he was timing my contractions and trying to get the car to run properly, as for some reason it was stalling after about 5 minutes of driving. I was screaming while pushing somewhat, at each contraction, about 1 minute apart. My water broke.
The car died as he pulled it to the side of the road and flagged down the first car that he saw. It was an EMT who wanted me to get in her car so I got out but I couldn’t speak at this point; it was euphoria. My husband said ok get back in our car. As he called 911 I knelt in the back seat with my head in the back window, knowing this was it, my baby was coming earthside, and I was completely calm (as I screamed.)


car birth

I felt the head come first, my husband noticed, told me to push, as he caught our daughter in the back of our broken down car on the side of highway 10. Healthy baby and mom were transported via ambulance to Perham Sanford Health (and baby started nursing in the ambulance, it was amazing!). I am so glad I had Brandi Spray as my doula (who also introduced me to hynobirthing.) I never thought my labor would go that fast or that I could birth a baby in the back of a vehicle on the side of the road. I wish someone had told me, “trust your gut, you are not a “big baby!” I wanted a natural birth and my husband wanted the nice pull out bed at Perham Sanford. We both got our birth plan wishes. 😉 ”

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