Birth Stories – Andrea’s Story

Last spring we asked you all to send in your birth stories for our big birthday party celebration at the Birth Circle in June.  We’ll be sharing some of the stories we received, but first wanted to congratulate our winning story! Do you have a story to share?  Leave a comment and yours might get featured too!

Andrea’s Story

birth story

Joseph’s Birth Story

February 19th, 2015
37 weeks, 3 days along

My birth story begins at 4 am with my husband, Nick, throwing up and calling in sick to work. About half an hour later, I went to the bathroom. I wondered if I had lost my mucus plug. Was that bloody show, too? And is my water breaking? So many exciting things happening in the bathroom! But I told myself not to get excited and went to back to sleep.

When I woke up, I called Essentia, messaged our doula, Jill (who was out of town), and messaged Karla and Jessica (our back-up doulas). I was SO thankful that Jill had set up a back-up doula plan.

At Essentia, midwife Denise checked dilation (4 cm), and ran a test for amniotic fluid. “Congratulations!” she said, “You get to have a baby today!”

Once we got settled in our room. I was so happy and surprised to see Jael, the most amazing nurse ever! I have seen her with my last two babies.

When Karla arrived we started walking the hallways. I was so thankful to have her there.
My midwife was now gone for the day, so another CNM, Linda, would be there for the birth. Linda checked my dilation. No change. After a few checks and no real change, Linda said it was time for to start pitocin. I was so anxious. Karla asked me if I would feel better if we waited an hour before starting pitocin. Linda didn’t seem especially happy about waiting, but said it was fine. Karla and I continued walking. Even if it didn’t help labor progress, it helped me relax.

Once the pitocin started, I sat on the birth ball and had some good contractions. Jessica came and I was so happy to see another familiar face! I got in the tub, and that helped me relax. I kept thinking about what I had read in Ina May’s books. Karla had also told me earlier about making a low sound during contractions. I tried that, and it helped a lot! It was a little tricky to make the right sound, but when I did, I could hardly feel the contractions. I was amazed (and made a mental note to remember that for any future births). The hip squeeze also helped a ton. I don’t think I would have made it through some of those contractions without the hip squeeze. Soon after a “good” contraction I started to feel the need to push. The nurses had just left and Karla said, “I think the we need to get the nurses back in.” I wondered how she knew. We started heading to the bed. Jessica told me that if I felt like I needed to go to the bathroom, that baby was close. I definitely felt that way!

Then my body “told me” to lean against the bed and push the baby out. It was so clear what I needed to do. I could feel baby coming down. I was excited and scared. Linda asked me to get up on the bed, and I think I started crying because I felt that the baby would not come out that way. I tried pushing but it seemed impossible.

I asked Jesus to help me, pushed again, and I heard Jessica say I was done! I was so relieved! Our baby boy was here! I was so tired I was afraid I would drop him, so Jessica got to snuggle him first.

I am so thankful we had doulas with us. Since Nick was sick, he wasn’t able to help me. If we hadn’t had doulas, I probably would have been alone during most of my labor.

birth story

I am also thankful that I finally was able to experience a natural birth! (Mostly natural, minus the pitocin). It is very meaningful for me, because for years I believed I was physically unable to have a natural birth. As a teenager, when I had a checkup, I was told by nurses a couple of times that I was “very small.” It never asked any questions, and assumed from their comments that birth would be next to impossible for me. When Nick and I were dating, I told him I probably would never have children, and if I did, I would have planned c-sections. The idea that I was incapable of birth was very engrained in me! After the birth of our first child I realized I was wrong, and decided to learn all I could about birth. So giving birth to Joseph naturally was so important to me!