Childbirth Express Class

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Get ready for labor and birth with Childbirth Express Class, a 3-hour, private, in-home, fast-paced course! The class is interactive and fun with opportunities for hands-on practice.  You and your partner will become more confident as a birth team. Evidence-based information is given in the framework of the Lamaze Healthy Birth Practices.

Childbirth Express Class covers:

  • The process of labor and birth
  • Relaxation
  • Comfort techniques
  • Positions for labor progress
  • Informed decision-making
  • Strategies for pain relief
  • Confidence building for you and your partner!

Breastfeeding Essentials Class

Get off to a great start with breastfeeding with this 2-hour private class!  This class is interactive with hands-on learning.

Breastfeeding Essentials Class covers:

  • Positioning and latch for mother and baby
  • Ensure baby is thriving on your milk
  • Simple strategies to increase your milk supply
  • Prevent common problems
  • Strategies for pumping when you return to work or school

Registration and Cost:

  • Childbirth Express Class is a 3-hour, private, in-home class for mother and partner.

Fee: $90, includes class handouts.


  • Breastfeeding Essentials Class is a 2-hour, private, in-home class for mother and partner.

Fee:  $60, includes class handouts


  • Childbirth Express and Breastfeeding Essentials in combination is a 5-hour class.  

Fee: $140, includes class handouts


To arrange for your private class or if you have questions:

Mary Carlson

Contact Mary: 701-640-3197 or or email

Mary Carlson, your certified and experienced instructor, has educated over 800 expectant  couples since 1987.  She is an advocate for you! Mary believes in your natural ability to give birth without any interventions or medications.  If you choose or need to give birth using high-tech medical interventions, she supports you in that decision too. Mary want you to be confidently ready to birth your baby your way!