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Get ready for labor and birth with Childbirth Express Class, a one-day, fast-paced course! The class is interactive and fun! You will have opportunities for hands-on practice without being made to feel awkward. You and your partner will become more confident as a birth team. Evidence-based information is given in the framework of the Lamaze Healthy Birth Practices.

Childbirth Express Class covers:

  • The process of labor and birth
  • Skills to promote labor progress
  • Positioning to help make labor faster and more comfortable
  • Inductions, epidurals, Cesarean birth, and VBAC
  • Your birthing options and how to make informed decisions that are right for you and your baby
  • How to design a supportive birth environment
  • Confidence building for you and your partner
  • Getting ready for breastfeeding success

Schedule and Cost:

Childbirth Express is offered one Saturday a month from 9:00am – 4:00pm in Breckenridge, MN

Fee: $110, includes the mother and one labor support person, plus a comprehensive birthing resource book and class handouts

Class size is limited to 4 couples/pairs.

For more information and upcoming class dates, visit

To register for class, contact Mary: 701-640-3197 or

My name is Mary Carlson and I am your instructor. I have beeMary Carlson childbirth express lamazen working with pregnant, birthing and breastfeeding families since 1987. I am an advocate for you! I believe in your natural ability to give birth without any interventions or medications. If you choose or need to give birth using high-tech medical interventions, I support you in that decision, too. I want you to be confidently ready to birth your baby your way!







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