Audra Maurer

Name: Rauha Birth Services ~  Audra Maurer

Training/Certification: Audra has been trained via mentoring, hands-on learning, reading and research. She is also a current student with Stillbirthday to become a certified Birth & Bereavement Doula

Experience: Audra began supporting women through loss, pregnancy, labor and postpartum informally in 2017. She began attending births Full-time in January of 2019.

Special interest in:  First time moms, pregnancy and infant loss, pregnancy after loss, natural birth & medicated birth, birth after trauma, postpartum care and mental health, and babywearing.

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About Audra:  Audra is married with two amazing little girls living and twins that were never held. After her loss and then first traumatic living birth experience she began to educate herself and find a way to take back her power. After giving birth to her second daughter with a doula and midwife unmedicated she discovered what a difference education, support, and advocacy can make in a birth and postpartum experience.