Brittany Pickard


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Brittany Pickard

Contact information:


Birth Arts International 2011;
Rebozo Certified: Rebozo Workshop with Gena Kirby 2015

Experience:  Attending births since 2010

Special interest in: Massage, Optimal Fetal Positioning, Rebozo, Baby Wearing, Cloth Diapering

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About Brittany:

Brittany Pickard graduated from Toccoa Falls College with a bachelors in Biology with a pre-med focus and a minor in Cultural Studies. During her last years in college she started looking into more holistic care fields, which is where her interest in midwifery and herbal remedies began. She believes there is so much more to a person’s well-being than treating disease/symptoms. Brittany began working as a Doula in October 2011 and received her Doula certification through Birth Arts International. She hopes to one day be a midwife and is currently studying through Via Vita Midwifery School.

It is Brittany’s philosophy that the female body was designed to give birth. Pregnancy is
not a sickness that needs treatment. Although a huge proponent of birthing naturally, she realizes that this is not the best option for all women. Some women benefit from medical interventions. As a doula, Brittany assists women in natural and medicated births, as well as cesarean births. She believes that all women labor best when they have continual support from loving care providers and the freedom to be in control of their birth experience. Brittany attends homebirths and births at Sanford and Essentia.

Your religion, race, age, or other life circumstances will not change the respect she has for you and your birthing process. Brittany hopes to have the opportunity to work with women from all different walks of life.

Brittany and her husband Jonathan have three children.