Jessica Siebels

Name: Jessica Siebels, Ladies in Waiting Birth ServicesJessica Siebels vbac birth doula fargo

Certified Nurse Assistant from 2001-2011
Doula workshop from Acadamy of Certified Birth Educators in 2005
DONA International TENS unit certified 2013
Stillbirthday doula certified 2015
Working on Rebozo certification

Experience:  Jessica attended her first birth in 2002 and has continued attending births off and on as life has allowed. Additionally, she has 12 years’ experience working in hospitals and nursing homes as a Certified Nursing Assistant.

Special interest in:  Gestational Diabetes, VBAC, c-section support and recovery, natural & medicated birth, birth in any trimester, mom’s with previous loss, breastfeeding, Blessingways, non-professional photography

Contact Information:

A little about myself: Jessica is wife to Jason and mom to four amazing kids: one born by emergency c-section, one by induced and medicated VBAC and her third and fourth by an all-natural VBAC. These experiences in addition to the births she has attended as a doula have led to a broad understanding of the many different ways a birth can unfold. She chose to surround herself with her husband, doulas and other wise women during each of her births and wouldn’t have it any other way.