Karla Wiegrefe and Jessica Siebels

Name: Ladies-in-Waikarla jessica birth teamting Birth Doula Team ~  Karla Wiegrefe & Jessica Siebels

 Training/Certification: Karla has been trained via mentoring, hands-on learning, reading and research.   Jessica trained through DONA International, certified for CNA 2001-2011, and has completed DONA approved TENS unit training. Both Karla and Jessica are currently in the process of training with Stillbirthday.

 Experience: Karla first served as a doula for her sister in 1996 and has provided in person, online, and phone support to women since then.  Jessica attended her first birth in 2002 and continued attending births off and on.  Additionally, she has 12 years’ experience working in hospitals and nursing homes as a Certified Nursing Assistant.  They attended our first birth together in September 2013.

 Special interest inFirst time moms, through moms of large families, VBAC (including after multiple c-sections or with special scars), c-section support and recovery, natural birth & medicated birth, breastfeeding, blessingways, non-professional photography

 Contact Information: ladiesinwaitingbirthdoulas@gmail.com

Website: www.ladiesinwaitingbirthdoulas.com

A little about us:  Karla is mom to 9 children and Jessica is mom to 4.  Between the two of us, we have had nearly every kind of birth experience you can imagine (except standing on our heads!).  We met in 2010 and quickly became close friends.  Both of us were already doulas and had the opportunity to attend a birth together in 2013.  This experience was very powerful for all involved (mom, dad and doulas) and led to the decision to form a doula team.  Working as a team allows us to serve on a deeper level, especially when working with moms in special circumstances including VBAC, twins, pregnancy with challenges, pregnancy after a loss, pregnancy after a traumatic birth, and for women who are survivors of rape.  We are committed to providing compassionate, empowering care to mothers and their families as they welcome their new little ones into the world.