Laura Devick

Name: Laura Devick, Culture of Life Doula and Birth Services

Laura began assisting birthing mothers and their families in 2006, and became a certified doula in 2014 through the Catholic Doula Program. Laura’s nurturing, encouraging approach helps expectant parents discover and communicate their birth and postpartum wishes (including placenta encapsulation services, also offered by Laura). Laura believes in the holistic nature of birth, and desires to help families explore the mind, body, and soul connection – as well as the amazing transformative that can be found in the birth process for all involved.


Years of Experience: Attending births since 2006

Special interest in: Preparing for Birth in a holistic way, emphasizing the mind/body/connection, which may include faith and spirituality. Besides comprehensive Birth Doula and Encapsulation packages, Laura offers prenatal/postpartum coaching sessions in journaling and birth story writing,  freezer meal workshops.

Contact Information:

Call/Text 701-412-4027
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A little about myself: “New life is an amazing gift, and the journey of birth can be empowering, bringing everyone closer together through it all. I seek to support the love and connection that is happening through birth, while providing guidance regarding comfort measures, and helping parents gather information to make informed choices that are right for them.” She desires to support the choices of the birthing mom and her support partner(s) so that the positive birth experience has the potential to reverberate not only through the family, but to our larger society, helping to create respect and reverence for all life, beginning at the beginning! Laura lives in Fargo with her husband and six children, and various pets, including cats and and an angora rabbit, and in past times, backyard chickens.