Mrs. Tush Do You Like to Push?

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Often we doulas are required to be a very creative bunch. Figuring out the best ways to support mom, guiding dad on what he can do to help her, and all the other tools in our bag of tricks during labor and birth.  Well, sometimes we need to get a little creative outside of birth too.

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Mrs Tush Do You Like to Push – Dr Seuss Pushing Poem by Katie Murrey

Mrs. Tush, do you like to push? I do not like to it Mrs. Tush! , I do not like to push and push! Would you like it here or there? I would not like it here or there. I would not like it just anywhere. But I do not like to push, Mrs. Tush. Well would you like it in a house? Would you like it with a mouse? I might like it in a house. I don’t like it with a mouse. I don’t like it just here or there. I don’t like it just anywhere.

Would you push while they gawk? Would you push with your socks?

Not while they gawk. Not with my socks! Maybe in a house Not with a mouse Not just here or there I would not push just anywhere What about with a clock? Could you push while you walk? Would you, could you, in the car? Push! Push! Here they are! I wouuuld not, could not, in a car or with a clock I cannot even push while you TALK! You may like to, You will see, You may like to while you pee! I might could, might could, while I pee.

But not in a car! You let me be! I do not like to when they gawk! I do not like to with my socks! I might like to in a house, I do not like to with a mouse. I will not do it just here or there. I do not do it just anywhere! With privacy Mrs. Tush, do I push.

On the beach! On the beach! Would you push at the beach? Or would you push while eating a peach?

Not in the car! Not with a czar! Mrs. Tush! Let me be! I would not, could not at the beach. I would not, could not, while eating just a peach! Say! In the dark? Here, in the dark! Would you, could you, in the dark? I might would, might could in the dark. Well would you, could you, on a diet? I would not, could not, on a diet! And especially while you make this riot! And I will not push with a clock, and I may not even push with a doc! I will not push at the beach or while just eating a peach!

I will only push in the quiet, I will only push without a diet. I will only push with the lights laid low, I will only push with my bo.

With privacy Mrs. Tush, do I push. You do not like it, so you say. Try it! Try it! and you may. Try it and you may I say. Mrs. Tush!

If you will let me be, I will try it. You will see. Say! I do like to push! I do! I like it Mrs. Tush! And I would do it in a house! I could do it with a mouse! I could do it even if they gawk, And I might even have my socks! In the dark, in the quiet, its so much better without a diet! So, I will push on the beach. I will even eat a peach. I will push while you not see, because yes, I might even pee.

Today’s post is brought to you by Katie Murrey of Mamatoto Doula Services in Fargo. She recently composed this adorable Dr Seuss pushing poem and read it at our local birth circle group, which of course was on the topic of pushing. I thank her so much for using her talents to create this amazing piece of birth poetry. You can find Katie on Facebook and inquire about her many other talents as well.